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Joanne Shelby


If I could pluck a rose for Dear Mrs. Lincoln

What color would it be?

It would be difficult to choose

For her life was so colorful you see.


The first that I would choose

Might be a rose so fair and white

To symbolize her girlhood

And her dreams so pure and bright.


For Springfield’s days

The rose would be yellow and fair

For friendship with Steven Douglas

And the other suitors she had there.


The next Springfield rose I see

Is loves perfect rose so red.

For Abraham Lincoln

The man she chose to wed.


As days turned to years

And time went swiftly by

A pink rose would surely bloom

For the four children born ,three in a grave to lie.


1860 came with dreams fulfilled

What rose would be for the years ahead?

So hard to chose for the colors change

So one of each yellow, pink, white, red.


As you see it is  a wreath of roses

Needed her honor to pay
For her life so full of dreams and plans
The pain and the sadness in life she gave.

So today I pluck a glorious wreath
Of roses bright and fair
And silently send them up to her

In her Heavenly home up there.

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